My Story


I’m Steven. In 1988 I photographed, hand-developed and printed my first roll of film. Very old-school. There’s something magical about silver halide, chemicals and the hands-on process in a darkroom. It fascinated me from the start and I still occasionally shoot with traditional film.

Being out there somewhere gorgeously remote, alone, is to experience what the Psalmist wrote in the Bible three thousand years ago about God’s creation – it ‘declares the Glory of God and proclaims the work of His hands’.

I photograph because I enjoy beauty and the changing nature of light. I enjoy the gadgets, tools and the challenge. I really want to capture that moment in time where the light and scene and all the planets align in a way that takes my breath away. So, it’s a thrilling, maddening pursuit – like hurricane hunters – to find that place and moment in time. I want you to feel that same WOW that I felt when I was standing, lying or balancing precariously in some place.

I worked in the design industry for two decades, shooting with and directing some of the world’s great photographers and film directors. Two of the Greats I spent a lot of time with were Michael Meyersfeld and the late Giacomo ‘Giaco’ Angelini. Both masters of the craft whom I have a lot of respect for. These years taught me the technical aspects of making images and about really seeing and communicating visually.

A lot of the work I produced over this period was published internationally and featured in award shows – Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finalists – in London, New York, California, Washington, Johannesburg and Moscow.

Shooting landscapes is very rewarding yet tough; the New Zealand landscape even tougher. It’s waking up before dawn, staying up after dark, sliding down wet, grassy mounds, climbing snowy banks, standing knee deep in freezing water, slipping on mossy rocks, negotiating ice, being eaten alive by sand flies, bashing up the car, battling vertigo hanging off a precipice, hiking through paddocks and cow pat, freezing your fingers off – waiting for a moment. It’s hours of travel and more hours to get one good shot. I’ve done a lot if it and I love it!

Steven Smith

‘For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible attributes – His eternal power and divine nature – have been understood and observed by what He made, so that people are without excuse.’